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Medicare Partners You Can Trust

We understand your unique needs, proactively educate you on your options, and strive to provide the most complete, cost-effective health plan that meets your expectations.

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Focused on you.

We get it. Insurance is complicated, constantly changing and difficult to understand.


We help eliminate the fear, confusion and frustration that comes with the process of selecting the health insurance plan that is right for you.
Whether you are Medicare-eligible, self-employed, choosing early retirement or need support bridging a gap in coverage with short-term insurance, we will help you select the right plan.


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There When You Need Us Most

HUB I HORAN Medicare Solutions

At no cost to you, our team will be right there, helping you all the way, being generous with our time, and always going a step beyond to take the burden and frustration away from you.


We translate a complex subject into an easily understandable context free of industry jargon. We strive to be your trusted guardian and will work to protect you by doing the right thing.

Industry Experts delivering

a personalized experience across all 50 states.

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