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Our Process

Insurance is complicated, constantly changing, and difficult to understand.
We help eliminate the fear, confusion, and frustration that comes with the

process of selecting the Medicare plan that is right for you.

Our team of experts strive to provide you with the most complete cost-effective health plan that meets your expectations now while helping you prepare for future healthcare needs.

Set up a virtual one-on-one consultation with a Medicare expert.

Our individualized approach begins by understanding your needs, educating you on your options and helping you pick a plan that is best for you.

Receive personalized guidance and assistance on through each step of the enrollment process.

Receive year-round support and advocacy.

Interested in learning about Medicare?

Watch this on-demand webinar!

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what our customers say

Karen & Fred

"HUB I HORAN has been our partner in navigating our health insurance since 2009. Each year during open enrollment, they investigate the most effective health insurance plan that will cover the medications we take, saving us money every year. We rely on this information every year."


"HUB I HORAN has been instrumental in helping me navigate the quagmire that Medicare has become. Since negotiating our insurance plans, they have been right there when we needed them. As well, they are benevolent to many organizations in the city. I highly recommend them."


“After copious amounts of research, I came to the conclusion that HUB I HORAN is the most competent and efficient provider in the trie-state area. I am constantly informed of the nuances and changes in the industry. They are always there to interrupt alternatives.”


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